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Shannon Gonzalez 

My Mother once told me when I was a little girl that I could be or do anything I wanted. I guess you could say I really took that to heart, because throughout my life I have found 4 things I love that make me truly happy! Interior Design, Photography, Graphic Design & 2nd Chance Photos.

It all started when I was a little girl hanging out with my Grandfather U Dee Cox, in his upholstery shop in HEB Texas. Seeing Interior Designers in the shop looking professional and working with clients to make their dream space come true sparked an interest in this little girl's eyes! So in High School I tracked down and took every Interior design class I could take and needless to say that's what I ended up going to college for. I found the perfect Arts school for me in St. Louis where I got my Bachelors of Art in Interior Design at Stevens-The Institute of Business & Arts.

Then one day out of the blue BOOM it hit me hard and it hit me fast, just like that I fell madly in love with Photography thanks to my Pops! Once I picked up that camera it was a done deal I was hooked, I begged my friends to let me take their photos. In college I was learning graphic design programs and discovered how much FUN photoshop is! After a few years of playing the part of an amateur photographer I realized one day that I had actually turned into a professional one. 

As I started getting better at photoshop I started creating smaller things like business cards, Invitations, Holiday Cards then it turned into designing Logos, Billboards, & Commercials. That's when I found my hidden talent of Graphic Design. 

Now it's time to talk about 2nd Chance Photos! An idea popped into my head when I was showing a friend some newborn photos I took and she mentioned how she really regretted not getting professional photos done of her child. I was thinking to myself I already edit photos why not just take regular every day photos and turn them into something amazing!

With all that being  said I am extremely thrilled that I'm able to bring all 4 things that I love doing and turn it into a Full-Time Career working for myself. Thank You for the support from family and friends over the years, and for those who do not know me thank you for reading my whole life's story. I hope you can see the passion and some might even say talent in things that inspire me! 

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